International road transport in Western, Eastern and Southern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and CIS countries.

We offer:

  • tented semitrailers 13.6 (92 m3)
  • tows (up to 120 m3)
  • container platforms for the following types of containers: 20′, 40′, 40’HC, 45’HC
  • refrigerated trailers
  • specialised trailers

All our vehicles meet EURO 4 / EURO 5 standards.

All vehicles in our fleet are equipped with ADR kits for transportation of dangerous goods, as well as with GSM communications and GPS tracking system.


“DAX LOGISTIC” offers marine transportation:

  • not less than 2000 TEU container shipments per year
  • all kinds of services related to cargo handling at ports – Riga, Klaipeda, Kotka, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok
  • transportation with specialized transport: tank containers, refrigerated containers, container platforms

DAX LOGISTIC is a member of WCA Family air carrier and forwarder Association. We offer:

  • flexible and affordable pricing for shipments from China, South East Asia and the United States to Russia and regions, and back through Russian and European airports
  • combined «air + road» solutions that help reduce transport and customs costs
  • high-quality packaging, cargo control during transportation and other air transport-related services
  • delivery of all cargo types, including oversized and dangerous goods
  • a wide network of transport and agents

Due to flexibility and availability of our air freight prices our customers choose to cooperate with us on a permanent basis. Delivery is done within the shortest possible time.


We provide the most suitable transportation routes and choose the most appropriate types transport, taking into account the client’s preferences, budget and delivery times.

  • «door to door» delivery of groupage cargoes
  • marine transportation from Southeast Asia and the United States in LCL containers
  • groupage cargo shipment from Europe
  • air freight operations worldwide
  • regular reports from our warehouse on your cargo status and parameters
  • customs procedures in the country of origin
  • customs clearance in Russia
  • cargo insurance

Having safe and reliable business partners in different countries allows us to efficiently organize and control transportation process, while the latest computer systems give us the opportunity to plan the processes and avoid delays.

We provide a full range of services starting from the receipt of cargo at shipper’s warehouse and ending with the delivery to the consignee’s warehouse («door to door» delivery), including not only transport but also customs procedures in origin and target countries, insurance, warehousing services, etc.

  • marine container shipments
  • container trucking
  • cargo handling-related services in ports
  • complete or partial affreightment of cargoes
  • customs warehouse services
  • cargo insurance

We ensure oversized cargo transportation with marine, rail and road transport.

Geography of executed oversized and heavy cargo transportation:

  • European countries – CIS countries
  • European countries – Kazakhstan
  • Within Europe

DAX LOGISTIC has large experience in transportation of the following types of goods:

  • construction machinery
  • agricultural machinery
  • specialized airport equipment
  • trucks
  • electrical machinery
  • equipment for oil and gas processing industry
  • construction cranes
  • military equipment
  • other oversized cargoes

We take all necessary measures to protect human and environment during transportation. We are working in accordance with the European Agreement on International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).

Carriageof dangerous goods is done in accordance with the criteria developed by the Committee of Experts of United Nations Economic Commission. According to the ADR dangerous goods are divided into the following classes:

    • Class 1. Explosive substances and articles.
    • Class 2. Gases.
    • Class 3. Flammable liquids.
    • Class 4. Substances liable to spontaneous combustion.
    • Class 5. Organic peroxides and oxidizing agents.
    • Class 6. Infectious and poisonous substances.
    • Class 7. Radioactive materials.
    • Class 8. Corrosive substances.
    • Class 9. Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles.

DAX LOGISTIC successfully transports dangerous goods by road, air and multimodal vehicles. When transporting such goods, we use both own and partners’ transport with permits to dangerous goods carriage.


Our company offers its services in the following procedures:

  • TIR CARNET filling
  • IM-A and EX-A declaration filling
  • Customs clearance procedure at Riga customs points upon customer’s request
  • INTRASTAT reporting
  • Operations in NCTS electronic customs system
  • Preliminary information on goods brought into the territory of Customs Union by road
  • Certificates of origin
  • Acquisition of phytosanitary certificates
  • Acquisition of health certificates
  • Invoice verification in Latvian Chamber of Commerce

Customs services in the Russian Federation

  • Customs clearance (declaration) of goods and vehicles
  • Import, export and customs procedures of any degree of complexity
  • Storage of goods in temporary storage facilities or areas of customs clearance
  • Legal services, advice on customs and foreign economic activity issues
  • Acquisition of сlassification judgements from Russian Federal Customs Service
  • Acquisition of authorization documentation (certificates, conclusions, etc.)

“DAX LOGISTIC” offers dry cargo storage services at company’s Riga warehouse (10 000 square meters).

  • Warehouses in Latvia, Spain, Germany, Uzbekistan
  • Short-term and long-term storage at standard or heated warehouses
  • Primary packaging and labeling
  • Regular reports from consolidation points, including data on the actual load size and weight, as well as photos
  • Empty / full container storage

Our company offers to insure your cargo with a reliable insurer with guaranteed costs, which will protect your interests during cargo transportation.

Our customers are offered the following types of cargo insurance in accordance with the three ICC insurance terms:

  • ICC(A) – full risk coverage (the most complete and the most expensive type of insurance)
  • ICC(B) – the risk shield
  • ICC(C) – the risk shield (the least expensive insurance basic type)

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All cars have access to TIR system, GPS tracking, GSM communications and ADR equipment.

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