Vehicle transportation Tips

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Day before loading

Please prepare your vehicle for transportation.

1. Give your vehicle a quick checkup.

We recommend checking the following:

  • Make sure you are transporting the car with a full set of keys.
  • If the vehicle has been modified, be sure to inform the carrier of this.
  • Doors and windows should open
  • Battery should be charged
  • Brakes should work
  • No leaks
  • Tire pressure must meet the specifications of your car
  • There should be approximately 1/3 of gasoline in the tank

2. All personal belongings must be taken out of the car. We cannot start transporting the vehicle while personal items are present.

3. Remove any accessories or parts from the vehicle that may be damaged during transportation or loading.

  • Radio antenna
  • Check the dashboard of the car, there should be nothing unnecessary
  • Take down any luggage, skis and bike racks

Pickup day

4. Our driver will arrive at the place of loading and contact you. Before car transportation, we strongly recommend that you take a picture of your car for visual defects and note them in the Bill of Lading document before shipping your car. Our driver will help you with this, he will walk with you and inspect your car from all sides for defects.

5. Confirm delivery contact information. After your car is loaded, confirm the delivery address and contact information of the person who will receive your car at the destination. All data are indicated on the Bill of Lading.

6. Sit back and relax. All under our control, just chill :)))

On delivery day

7. Perform a careful inspection.

We are confident that we offer the highest quality service in the field of car transportation, however, we ask you to carefully inspect your car for any damage that may have appeared at the time of transportation. Compare photos of your car when sending and when receiving. In the unlikely event that defects are found, note them on the Bill of Lading.

8. Sign off and enjoy your ride!

Once you are satisfied with the condition of your vehicle, the carrier will ask you to sign off on the Bill of Lading confirming successful delivery.

9. Treat yourself to a car wash with us.

Your car has been delivered, all that’s left to do is wash it! Let us take care of the cleanliness of your car. Ask your manager about the next feature.

Do not forget that you can contact us at any time during the transportation! Our consultant will answer all your questions, as well as inform you about the current state of transportation.

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