Loading report

How it works? You place an order with Dax Logistic, we confirm the loading date. After our vehicle arrives at the loading point, our professionally trained driver will load your vehicle onto the car carrier by himself. After that, we will receive a photo from the driver in real time that your car is safely loaded and ready for transportation. It’s just great! An informed client is a satisfied client!

The report will indicate such parameters as:
– Your delivery route
– Information about the cargo
– Estimated delivery time
– Driver information
– Vehicle information
– Contact us

It’s just great! An informed client is a satisfied client! Example

You have placed an order, what can you expect next?

Our driver will arrive at the place of loading and together with you will inspect the car before loading it, this is an extremely important point before the start of transportation. You need to be sure that the vehicle has not received any defects before starting loading or during loading. All marks of damage to the cargo will be marked on the Bill of Lading.

Your vehicle will now be loaded and on the way to your destination. The information that the client will get is a photo report of the loading, the driver’s contact information, including passport data, if such information is needed to enter the loading territory, as well as the direct number of your manager responsible for the transportation of your car.

Our manager will preliminarily agree on the time of delivery of the cargo with you, and if we are earlier, we will definitely notify you about it! After unloading, be sure to check your vehicle for defects. Pay attention to any damage. Congratulations, you received your vehicle safe and right on time! If you are happy, then so are we.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Of course you can provide us with the dates when the car will be ready for loading, and we will plan accordingly to pick up your car on time. Once your vehicle is loaded, we will always give you an estimated delivery time.

We will pick up and deliver your car to the address you specified. While it seems possible, there are sections of the road where we simply cannot access because of the large size of the car carrier. But if we can get through, we will definitely deliver your car to the door.

Of course, our cars are equipped with GPS convergence sensors. We see the movement of the car in real time, and we are happy to share the information with you. Ask your manager, and he will definitely give you information about where your car is at the moment and when it will be delivered.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The vehicle must be prepared for transportation and free of personal belongings. Personal belongings could raise questions at the border, we cannot expose our clients to such a risk.

If you placed an order, for example, a week in advance, and decided to cancel it 48 hours before loading, then there will be no penalty. But if you cancel the order 48 hours within loading, then we will charge you 100 euros dispatch fee.

Unfortunately, we do not provide transportation of faulty vehicles. The vehicle must driveable to enter the car carrier on its own.

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You benefit from our experience in delivering effective solutions to the complex global supply chains of some of the world’s biggest corporations.

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Our developed routes will help you get your goods faster. Even before the start of transportation, you will know when your vehicle will be delivered. We will take care of the timing.

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